Piggy Potluck?

No, this isn’t the latest in culinary cuisine. It is future pig food! These 5 high school girl scout volunteers are taking old dry goods (pastas, rice, jello, cake mixes, etc.), opening them up and pouring them into this cardboard tote. A pig farmer in East Contra Costa County will pick up the tote of dry goods and use this as grain for his pigs. The cardboard packaging will go into our big white paper dumpster and the recyclable plastic will go in our special blue tote for plastics.

Where do we get this food? When it is food drive time, well meaning donors often go through their cupboards and give us expired food that we can’t distribute to those we help. So rather than throwing it into the garbage (and ending up in a landfill), we make what we proudly call “Piggy Potluck”. The name was created by a group of Bank of America associates who were our first volunteer group to make “Piggy Potluck” so they created the name and we have called it “Piggy Potluck” ever since.

This is one more way we help reduce our footprint on Earth and are able to create a fun volunteer project. Just ask these scouts!

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