A nickel can buy you a 2nd bottle of wine at BevMo! or a pound of oranges!

We all hear the commercial about “buy a particular brand of wine at Bev Mo! and the 2nd bottle is 5 cents”. That is a great deal for wine lovers! Our friends at the Bev Mo! corporate office in Concord (they do a great food and money drive every December), took this the next step and asked if we would like to come and get a bunch of nickels from the sale. A bunch was more like 3,597 nickels ($179.85).

When Bryan called, he said the money was in a plastic replica of a parking meter. How could I say no? So while someone is enjoying their second bottle of wine for 5 cents, we are receiving a pound of oranges for 5 cents. And to be correct 3,597 pounds of oranges. I would say that is a great deal for everyone!

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