Bittersweet Donation

Guest post by Larry Reynolds, Food Bank Driver: I was at the warehouse around 2:00 pm when a lady asked me if I can help her with a donation of food.  I said, “Sure, let me go get a cart.”  We loaded the cart and weighed the donations.  It was 130 pounds.  As she was filling out the paperwork I asked, “Where did the food originate?”

She proceeded to tell me that she donated approximately 340 pounds on January 27, 2011 and then the 130 pounds on January 28, 2011.  The food came from her sister in-law’s friend.  The friend had 470 pounds of food in her home and she passed away from anorexia at 42 years old.  My jaw dropped and I said, “How sad.  What a tragedy.”  The friend was so young.

The lady who brought in the donations said this was like an organ donation.  Some other people will benefit from this tragic thing.

The story is very bittersweet… a sad story with a happy ending.

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