A Day in the Life of an Agency Relations Manager

Guest Post by Cory Sylvester, Food Bank staff member: I am the Agency Relations Manager at the Food Bank. A big part of my job is being a liaison to our many agencies. In order to partner with the Food Bank, agencies must go through both an application process and an on-site inspection. On Saturday, … Read More »

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Contra Costa County wins the Big Apple trophy

Contra Costa County wins the Big Apple trophy in Holiday Food Fight 2010!  Contra Costa County Supervisors and Food Fight team leaders show off the Big Apple and other awards presented by Larry Sly at the February 8 Board of Supervisors meeting.  Together, Contra Costa and Solano County employees raised over $143,000 for the Food… Read More »

Look at all these onions getting ready for distribution.

Who knew that onions are so beneficial for your health!

Did you know that onions are a good source of fiber and vitamin C and might inhibit tumor growth? Or that onions may be useful for the prevention of cardiovascular disease as well as protecting against certain infections? Onion can also improve lung function, especially in asthmatics and the more pungent varieties appear to possess… Read More »

Millennium Sportsclub Vacaville joins Pound For Pound Challenge

Pound For Pound Challenge is underway and the Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano welcomes the support of Millennium Sportsclub Vacaville.  For the third consecutive year, Feeding America and NBC’s The Biggest Loser have partnered with General Mills and Subway to encourage Americans to “Lose Nationally, Feed Locally”. Take the challenge to lose weight… Read More »


Where Do All of the Barrels Go During the Holidays?

Below are the businesses, schools and organizations that collected over 1,000 pounds during the holidays! Congratulations! There are hundreds of others that collected food during the holidays that I wish we had room to mention but if I did you would be reading for a long time. Whether the collection was 20 pounds or 7,000… Read More »

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Do you tweet?

If you have a twitter account, can you please help us out and ask your friends to as well? Help us by tweeting “My #USATODAY #KindnessChallenge is to help @foodbankccs ” + how you’d like to help! The challenge ends on 6 p.m. ET on Friday, February 18, 2011 and the top three charities will… Read More »


2010 Year Round Food Drives

Our 2010 year round food drives brought in 76,818 pounds of food. In Contra Costa County 63,501 pounds was donated from 54 sites and in Solano County 13,317 pounds from 25 sites was donated (in the fall we added in 3 libraries which have had great success). We have barrels in just about every city… Read More »


Cooking Class

Last week I visited Sullivan Middle, a Farm 2 Kids school in Fairfield. They had cooking class where they made baked potatoes and snacked on apples and peanut butter.  They loved that the produce they get from the Food Bank enables them to do activities like this.  Their teacher, Ms. Denise told me that many… Read More »


Walk to Give & Get Healthy

Join us weekly as we “Walk to Give & Get Healthy”. The walks will take place every Sunday from 2pm to 3:30pm. Each walk will start off with a 15 minute warm up, followed by an hour walk then a 15 minute cool down. Our first walk will take place at Heather Farms Park Sunday… Read More »

Bittersweet Donation

Guest post by Larry Reynolds, Food Bank Driver: I was at the warehouse around 2:00 pm when a lady asked me if I can help her with a donation of food.  I said, “Sure, let me go get a cart.”  We loaded the cart and weighed the donations.  It was 130 pounds.  As she was… Read More »

Oreo and Keebler

Bad Apples Gone Good

When we buy fresh produce for those we help, we often find broken open apples that we can’t distribute to people. Based on health department regulations, we can’t distribute these bad apples but we also don’t want those we help to feel they deserve badly bruised or broken apples. So what do we do with… Read More »

Rotary Club of Concord

Service Clubs Make a Difference

I have been a member of the Rotary Club of Concord for several years and it has shown me a great example of how communities come together.  Service clubs are made up of individuals who want to contribute to the community, have an opportunity to network for their business and get a chance to meet… Read More »