Lollipop Lane

As you approach Lollipop Lane in Vacaville every December, the first thing you notice is the sound of holiday music blaring from outdoor speakers, and the blur of lights as you turn onto the street (known January through November as Shady Glen Avenue). Every house is decorated in the lollipop theme, Food Bank donation barrels are placed in front of many of the homes, and there, in front of the McKimmy home is Santa, listening to children’s wishes and letting out a right jolly laugh every now and then.

For the past eight years, Don and Yukiko McKimmy have encouraged visitors to Lollipop Lane to donate food and money to the Food Bank. With help from neighbors and numerous others, Don has made Lollipop Lane and Candy Cane Lane (one street over) a must-see destination each December. Appearing twice during the month are the Fellowship of the Ringers, a local bell ringing group that have volunteered their time for the past six years and perform their repertoire of holiday music for the hundreds of visitors who come by. This year, Lollypop Lane collected over 707 pounds of food!

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