Budget Update: Dismantling the Safety Net

The budget deal between Governor Schwarzenegger and legislative leaders passed both the Senate and Assembly on Friday, July 24. CalWORKs and other health and human service programs suffered deep and harsh cuts while nothing was done to bring in new revenue and therefore spread the sacrifice. Additionally, the deal expands finger imaging to In-Home Support… Read More »

Defend Against Hunger

The Miromonte High School Football team is hosting a food drive and your team could be too! Contact Joan Tomasini at (800) 870-FOOD extension 208 or jtomasini@foodbankccs.org.

Got fruit?

Attention residents in the Danville/Alamo area: did you know someone local is willing to harvest and/or deliver local fruit to the Food Bank or other neighborhood pantries? Anna Chan, The Lemon Lady, says, “Mira is super sweet and interested in helping more. The word is just beginning to get around about her efforts. She has… Read More »