Just ask an employee.

Learn more about the people who work at the Food Bank.
We will ask the same seven questions to different staff members each month.

1. Name: Larry Sly
2. What is your position at the Food Bank? Executive Director
3. How long have you worked at the Food Bank? 33 years (and counting)
4. How/Why did you start working here? I started as the truck driver (the number 2 position) when the entire staff was two people.
5. Why do you enjoy working at the Food Bank? I love working here because every day is different and we are absolutely doing the right thing.
6. What do you like to do in your free time? What is free time? (I like to exercise, read and go hiking/backpacking)
7. Tell us one interesting fact about yourself. I went to college at UC Berkeley from 1968-72 (shortly after the Free Speech Movement). It was still an incredibly active political time; I was tear-gassed more than once.

Photo of Larry accepting a donation from two girls last year.

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