How does the Food Bank feed people in need?

The Food Bank distributes emergency and supplemental food to people in need and local charities. Each week we will focus on a different program and talk about what the program is and what kind of food is distributed through each program. Read on to learn about our Food For Children Program.

What is Food For Children (FFC)?
The program serves children who have been rolled off of the federal government’s WIC (Women, Infants and Children) program (for children aged 4 and under), but have not yet begun school, where they are eligible for free breakfast and/or lunch through the federally subsidized school meal programs. The program complements the efforts of the WIC program and is heartily endorsed by WIC staff, who make referrals to the FFC program. Food Bank program staff and volunteers work with WIC staff to identify parents who need both protein and iron rich foods for their children. Every month enrollees receive a food box at one of our 9 FFC distribution sites. Over 515,000 pounds of healthy, nutritious, ‘kid friendly’ food was given away to the 707 children enrolled in the program last year. All participants come from low income households. We use the WIC income eligibility guidelines (185% of U.S. poverty income). 80% of the enrollees are referred to the program by WIC.
Program goals are to improve the nutritional status of children and to maintain the nutritional integrity of foods we provide to very low-income children. Volunteers assemble boxes of food in our warehouse. Food bank drivers deliver the boxes to the distribution sites. Volunteers assist at the sites by signing in the parents, packaging the perishable food items and by giving the boxes of food to eligible recipients.

Food For Children distribution in Bay Point

What is in a Food bag/box?
People who receive a bag/box of food at one of our Food For Children distributions typically take home – cereal, macaroni and cheese, rice, beans, pasta, tuna, canned chicken, canned fruits, canned vegetables, canned soup, ready to eat meals, snack, milk, produce, bread.

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