Plant a Row for the Hungry

Join the Contra Costa Times and Oakland Tribune, and the Contra Costa Master Gardeners in their project “Our Garden”. The goal of “Our Garden” is to teach others how to grow vegetables in your own gardens, using environmentally responsible methods (from the Oakland Tribune website). They will be donating produce grown in the garden to… Read More »

How does the Food Bank feed people in need?

The Food Bank distributes emergency and supplemental food to people in need and local charities. Each week we will focus on a different program and talk about what the program is and what kind of food is distributed through each program. Read on to learn about our Food For Children Program. What is Food For… Read More »

Just ask an employee.

Learn more about the people who work at the Food Bank. We will ask the same seven questions to different staff members each month. 1. Name: Larry Sly 2. What is your position at the Food Bank? Executive Director 3. How long have you worked at the Food Bank? 33 years (and counting) 4. How/Why… Read More »

The Value of Volunteering

Many moms and daughters work hard volunteering their time with National Charity League (NCL). We appreciate the hard work they do to help the Food Bank help those in need. The Lamorinda NCL group recently sent the letter below describing in their own words how the Food Bank system works and the value of volunteering.… Read More »