Realtors Give Back

Mike Handlin, newly elected President of Contra Costa Realtors In Motion, presented two checks on February 24 at their weekly meeting. Lisa Sherrill, Community Relations Manager, from the Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano received a check for $600.00. Margalit Ir, the groups treasurer, is a lender with Bank of America. B of A… Read More »

How much does it cost to support a family?

How much must an individual earn to support their family? According to it would take more than three full-time jobs, earning minimum wage, to support a three person family in our community. Check it out: Living Wage Calculation for Contra Costa County, California Living Wage Calculation for Solano County, California

New Feeding America video features President Obama

Last week as President Obama addressed the state of the economy, he acknowledged that many Americans are struggling with hunger and are turning to food banks for help. But as those people reach out, he noted, food banks across the country are often unable to keep up with demand. Watch the video from Feeding America… Read More »

Massive Economic Recovery Plan

Stimulus bill to create nearly 400,000 jobs in California, White House says. (read more here: What do you think of the bill? Leave us a comment and let us know!

Just ask an employee.

Learn more about the people who work at the Food Bank. We will ask the same seven questions to different staff members each month. 1. Name: Don McCall 2. What is your position at the Food Bank? Grants Coordinator 3. How long have you worked at the Food Bank? 5 years 4. How/Why did you… Read More »

Souper School

Kings Valley Christian School collected 1,368 pounds of soup for their 100th day of school food drive! County Connection picked up the boxes of food from the school and delivered it to the Food Bank.

Local residents go to food banks for help

Check out this story that ran on ABC7 last night.Many Bay Area people are standing in line for the first time at food banks.