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Letter Carriers To Help Local Food Bank This Saturday

Originally posted on the Vacaville Reporter: On Saturday, the Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano will participate in the Letter Carriers’ Food Drive, the biggest one-day food drive in the nation. This will be the 23rd year that the letter carriers have organized this successful event that provides residents an easy way to donate food to help “Stamp Out Hunger” in their community.

On the day before Mother’s Day, letter carriers will pick up food donations during their normally scheduled mail route. To participate, all you need to do is pick up some extra nonperishable groceries at the store or gather some of the surplus unexpired and unopened food in your pantry.

The food needs to be placed in a sturdy bag next to your mailbox, prior to your regularly scheduled mail delivery.

If you are looking for ideas of what to donate, the recipients of our many food programs can always benefit from canned items such as tuna, chicken, meat, soup, fruit, vegetables and tomato products. Other items that are needed are peanut butter, iron-rich cereal, 100 percent fruit juice, dry beans, powdered milk, rice and pasta.

Last year the Food Bank received 170,000 pounds of food from this one-day event.

It takes a lot of coordination to pull off a food drive of this magnitude. The Food Bank has to do a great deal of work behind the scenes to process the donations efficiently.

However, as always, we couldn’t do it without the help of others. Safeway and Save Mart Supermarkets help by loaning us trailers. We use the trailers to collect the donated food from letter carriers’ trucks at consolidated distribution sites in strategic locations. We rely on hundreds of volunteers to help us gather the food at these collection sites throughout the day.

This year we also received financial support from organized labor to help us purchase the bags we distributed to postal customers.

The biggest heroes of the day are the letter carriers themselves. They are the eyes and ears of their communities and they want to take action to help our neighbors who are struggling.

Residents often donate a bag of groceries as a gesture of support to not only the local food banks, but their letter carriers as well. They appreciate the hard work that letter carriers put in on a daily basis and know that this drive is important to them.

The food we receive from this food drive allows us to stock the shelves to feed children in the summer. Child hunger is more of an issue during summer than any other time of year. This is due to many low-income children not receiving the free or reduced-priced breakfast and lunches that they normally receive at school.

Letter carriers have been encouraging neighbors to help one another for 23 years through their annual food drive.

They know they are going to be extra tired at the end of their shift this Saturday. However, they will have the satisfaction of knowing that they, along with the generous residents on their routes, will have made a real difference to so many in need.

The Letter Carriers’ Food Drive is coming up on Saturday, May 9th

The Letter Carriers’ Food Drive is coming up on Saturday, May 9th. The NALC Branch 1111 Food Drive coordinator and a Food Bank representative went out to the post offices to speak to the staff about the food drive and how important this drive is for those in need. Our first talk was at the Moraga Post Office. Help your letter carrier feed our community members living with hunger by leaving a bag of food out by your mailbox the Saturday before Mother’s Day. Your letter carrier will pick up the bag of food and bring it back to our trucks waiting at each of the post offices. Last year they collected over 170,000 pounds of food in our two counties. Let’s help them surpass that number this year!


A Letter Carrier's Promise to Stamp Out Hunger

Guest post by Raul Carabajal, a letter carrier from Suisun City. The big question… Why do I volunteer for the Letter Carriers Food Drive? It’s all from a promise to my grandfather when I was a young boy. He would come in my bedroom before I would go to sleep and read to me from the Bible. He would put his make-shift wood podium at the foot of my bed, place his Bible on top and read to me until I went to sleep. Sometimes I would ask him questions and he would answer. He told me that if I ever saw someone in need of food, please promise me you would help to feed them, and don’t let them go hungry. I ask my grandfather how I can feed them, I am a little boy? His answer was, you are a little boy, but in large numbers you are a big boy. I then fell asleep as he continued reading.

My grandfather passed away when I was eight years old, while I helped him at the gas station and a mechanic shop he owned. To this day I remember his instruction to help those in need of food, so when I have the chance to be a part of the annual food drive, I happily participate in his honor.

We as a community are much bigger than we are alone. It’s easy to help your hungry neighbors in need by participating in the Letter Carriers Food Drive on Saturday May 12th. Simply leave a bag or box of food by your mailbox and your letter carrier will pick it up then deliver it to the Food Bank. See you on the 12th!

Stamp Out Hunger

Two years ago the Letter Carriers Food Drive was ready to pass the 1 billion pound mark of food collected across the nation – quite an amazing record. This year May 12th, 2012 will mark the 20th anniversary of the Letter Carriers Food Drive. Our hard-working letter carriers that deliver the mail to us care so much about our community that they work extra hard on the 2nd Saturday in May bringing back all of the food that you in our community left by your mailboxes. In honor of our letter carriers, let’s all leave a bag of nonperishable food by our mailboxes to help our local community and to celebrate 20 years of the Letter Carriers Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive.

We have a population of over 1.4 million people between our two counties. If everyone put 1 can of food out for every person in their household, we would pickup roughly 1.4 million pounds of food in one day. We would need more trucks to help with the pickup, more volunteers at the post offices and then more volunteers through the next several months to help sort/box and distribute the food. What a wonderful problem to imagine and to solve. Please join your letter carrier, the Food Bank and the rest of the community in STAMPING OUT HUNGER on Saturday May 12th.







Stamp Out Hunger 2011 – Event Recap

Every January, even when the holidays are barely past us, we start planning for our largest food drive of the year, the National Association of Letter Carriers’ Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive on the 2nd Saturday in May.

This year we received over 171,000 pounds of food from you and our other supporters in our two counties. This food drive would not be possible without the hard work of the postal clerks and the rural and city letter carriers who publicize the drive and bring back all of the food. These are our heroes! Their efforts will provide thousands of volunteer opportunities through the summer as our volunteers inspect, sort and box all of the donations. More importantly is that the donations will provide food during the summer to those in need in our community.

A special thanks to SaveMart and Safeway for lending us trailers to pick up the food from several of our post offices. A special thanks to all of the volunteers on Saturday, May 14th including employees from Wells Fargo Bank and Valero Refinery, volunteers from the San Ramon Valley Islamic Center and the United States Air Force volunteers from Travis AFB. These volunteers helped unload the letter carrier trucks and loaded the food into totes and barrels bound for our warehouses. We could never do what we do without our volunteers.

Next time you see a letter carrier, tell them THANK YOU for delivering the mail and caring about others in our community. Our Food Bank could not do what we do without the support of the National Association of Letter Carriers and you our supporters! Together we ARE Stamping Out Hunger!

Stamp Out Hunger

The community of Clayton and Moraga must love their post offices because they always bring food to the food bank barrels in the lobby year round. The wonderful letter carriers and window clerks know that hunger affects many people in our counties.

On Saturday May 14th, the Clayton and Moraga Post Office letter carriers and letter carriers  in our two counties and around the country will make collecting food easy. When they deliver your mail, have a bag of food by your mailbox for them to take back to the Food Bank truck and volunteers waiting at the post office. Last year, our letter carriers  collected over 209,000 pounds of food in one day for those in need in our two counties.

Clayton Post Office

Clayton Post Office

Moraga Post Office

Moraga Post Office

Together, we can all STAMP OUT HUNGER!

Help us Stamp Out Hunger

Letter carriers will be collecting food for the Food Bank as they deliver the mail on Saturday, May 8. This is our largest one day food drive bringing in over 200,000 pounds of food every year. If you leave a bag of nonperishable food by your mailbox, prior to your regular mail delivery, on this day, your letter carrier will pick it up and deliver it to the Food Bank.

You can also donate online through the Virtual Food Drive, if you prefer by visiting: /events/upcoming-events.html. When you donate, be sure to choose your post office from the “Company” drop-down menu. This will allow your local letter carrier to get credit for your donation.

Text stamp6 to 30305 for mobile reminders about the Food Drive. (2 -3 texts; standard text message rates apply.)

Help us promote the Letter Carriers’ Food Drive

Send us your photo.

Send a photo of you promoting the Letter Carriers’ Food Drive (May 8, 2010). You can make a sign or a banner, spell it out in the sand, get creative. Use cardboard, paper, fabric… whatever material you’d like. Take the photo by yourself, with your family, with your dog, at your favorite landmark, or even in your front yard.

Email your photos (or videos) to

We’ll post a photo gallery on here on our blog, Picasa album, facebook page, YouTube and other social networking sites. Submit your photos by noon on May 7 and we will randomly pick a winner from the submitted photos to win a collectible Food Bank die-cast truck.

Tell your friends about the campaign using your social networks online like Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn, Twitter and more. Or just do it the old fashioned way in person or by phone.

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Stamp Out Hunger this Saturday

Help the National Association of Letter Carriers Stamp Out Hunger by placing nonperishable food items by your mailbox prior to your regular mail delivery on Saturday, May 9.

How to Participate:
1) On May 9th, simply place bags filled with nonperishable food items next to your mailbox. See our list of most-needed foods for suggestions.
2) Your letter carrier will pick your food donations up and the food will be delivered to the Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano.
3) It’s that easy!
Learn more by reading stories from the frontlines: Letter Carriers who serve Contra Costa and Solano Counties.