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Other Ways to Help

Other Ways to Help

Supporting the Food Bank can be fun!

  • Sell tickets for a “Baked Potato Bar” for lunch – have coworkers bring baked potatoes, cheese, toppings.
  • Have a “Throwdown” (A Food Network Bobby Flay style competition). Have a cupcake, brownie, or salsa Throw-down, then sell the product. Make the product yourself or ask local restaurants or bakeries to participate.
  • Sell tickets for a “Dessert Tasting”; have donors bring baked goods.
  • Hold a raffle. See if anyone is willing to donate items for a raffle. Possible ideas include: homemade pie, homemade cookies, gift certificate to a restaurant/business, or a gift basket with a theme i.e. Baker’s Basket, Holiday Basket, etc.
  • Hold a pee-wee American Idol contest and sell tickets!
  • Play an instrument or sing for co-workers! Ask for a donation if you don’t sing!
  • Hold a white elephant or yard sale, at home or at work!
  • Ask co-workers to bring in books, CD’s, DVD’s they no longer want and have a sale.
  • Cook breakfast for co-workers or hold a BBQ.
  • Pass the hat – an empty grocery bag – at work or at a party.

Explain to your donors that:

  • Each $1 donated enables the Food Bank to distribute many more dollars worth of nutritious food—equivalent to two meals.
  • 28% of people receiving emergency food are children.
  • A full 96 cents of each dollar goes directly to food programs.