Seniors often find themselves having to choose between paying for necessities such as medication and food. In fact, 1 in 7 of all people 65 and over are living in poverty, according to the U.S. Census Supplemental Poverty Measure. That’s 6.4 million of our parents and grandparents struggling daily to put food on the table, pay rent and afford the medical care they need.

Many of our seniors rely solely on Social Security and Medi-Cal to make ends meet, but it is not enough. The average Social Security benefit is just over $1,200 a month. With their limited income like that, more than half of the households served by the Food Bank have had to choose between paying for medicine, medical care, or food. For seniors like Robert (age 66) “the price of medicine keeps going up, but my check stays the same.”

No senior should have to choose between food and the medicine they need. With your help, the Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano is able to provide groceries to more than 3,000 senior households each month through the Senior Food Program. Seniors 55 and over receive nutritionally balanced bags of food so they may not have to make those tough decisions.

Your support of the Food Bank can help senior citizens, like Robert, put food on their tables and still pay for other essentials.