Real Life Stories

Real Life Stories


Patricia“This is my first time here. I have been cleaning house but barely made $500 last month. I am normally a book-keeper. I cannot find work and have been out of work since last October. A long-time ago I took a friend to the Antioch food distribution and that is how I knew about this. My son works but he is a full-time student so he can’t really contribute. I am excited about the bread. I haven’t had bread in weeks. I get shampoo from fast food restaurants by squirting what hand soap I can into a cup. I get napkins from fast food places to use as tissue. I am washing dishes with just water now. I am an educated woman. I don’t do drugs. I am finding myself in a weird spot. These are tough times.”

– Patricia, Bethel Island


Manuel“I get clothes, bread, and canned food once a month. I am not working right now. I have been on food stamps for 6 months. The food stamps last almost all month. I couldn’t make it without (the food stamps). It is a crummy way to live. Hopefully jobs will pick up soon. It is a little embarrassing.”

– Manuel, Knightsen


Ruby“This is my second time here. I come once a month. I have two kids. This is helping a lot. I am a single working mother. The food from here helps my money go further especially the canned food and bread.”

– Ruby, Brentwood


Felicidas“The Senior Food Program supplements my food consumption. I like the $20 farmer’s market coupons to buy fresh fruits and vegetables. It is helpful. When I was living in my daughter’s house, I used to plant vegetables but I cannot in my senior housing complex – there is no land where we can plant – so the fresh produce is important to me. It is helpful.”

– Felicidas, Vallejo

Velia and Charlie

Velia & Charlie“The Senior Food Program really helps supplement our food. We are so low-income we can barely pay the bills. We really like the Farmer’s Market coupons. I know fresh fruit and vegetables are really important for good nutrition. I am a retired RN. Our disability is not enough. We really look forward to coming to this program. The food really lasts a while. We don’t need to come here every time. I look for the food ads and only buy what is on sale except things I have to get like milk and eggs. You don’t really have a choice on those. You don’t always know what is in the bag so they ask if we want carrots and we take them. Then there are already carrots in the bag. What do you do with all of those carrots? I make lots of soups and stews. Same with the potatoes. One time we got lots of garlic and I don’t know if you can freeze that so I gave the extra to my friends who have helped me out with food before. We are not getting cost of living increases this year. We are grateful for this program. We didn’t know about it until we were desperate. I started looking into different programs and found out about this through our church. We only go to this one and leave the other programs for the other people who are not seniors. Years ago we used to donate to the food bank and the Christian Help Center.”

– Velia and Charlie, Vallejo